November Contest Winner

Contest Winner

Last month we asked you to do your patriotic duty and vote for President of the United States of America. Of course, on our ballot were characters from Baen Books. Congrats to Joe Arnaud. While his preferred candidate might not be moving into the White House next year, we hope the signed copy of the new Ring of Fire novel 1637: No Peace Beyond the Line takes some of the sting out of the defeat.

In keeping with the idea that the best leaders should not seek power, I nominate Thomas Theisman from Honor Harrington series. Because he would absolutely hate the job but do it really well; he is decisive without being rash and when needed he can be ruthless without being cruel. He listens to advice but makes his own decisions. He has excellent skills in picking and training subordinates. With those subordinates, he is great at delegating to manage complex tasks while never shirking his ultimate responsibility. He has the useful political skill of being able to work with people he vehemently disagrees with or even hates to accomplish needed goals. Finally, he cherishes constitutional government and the rule of law above any political opinion or agenda.

—Joe Arnaud