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Last month saw the release of Penric’s Labors, and so just in time for the holidays, we’re offering discounts on all of Grand Master Lois McMaster Bujold’s Baen Ebook backlist titles. During the month of December, take $1 off all of Lois McMaster Bujold’s backlist from Baen.

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We’re happy to announce an easier way to deliver our Ebooks directly from to your favorite Ereader. You can now email EPUB files directly to your device from our site—no download necessary!

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Andy Presby is a former U.S. Navy nuclear submarine officer and current aerospace engineer with degrees in space systems engineering, astronautics, and physics. This fictional-non-fiction article is set in the world of Joelle Presby’s The Dabare Snake Launcher. Joelle is a former U.S. Navy nuclear engineering officer, a former business consultant, and current spouse to Andy Presby.




Form TCG1116-B: Annual TCG Employee Crazy Idea Competition

Proposal #: 3214

Proposer: Omer Ehrlich, Intern

Current Management Rotation: Oral Hygiene Products

To: John-Philip Jeffy, CEO TCG


Benefit of Proposal: The space between the Earth and Moon is filled with a variety of spacecraft performing many functions vital to modern society. The sheer number of spacecraft, the range of orbits they cover, and the diversity of their activities have outpaced predictions of even the most optimistic of space enthusiasts from before the Second Space Race. This abundance challenges the space industry’s capability to resupply, repair and provide other services to in-orbit customers. While large reusable heavy lift rockets have provided the most economic way to move high volume payloads to orbit for a generation or more, that delivery method is suboptimal for multiple point orbital deliveries. This proposal identifies a new system capable of reliable repeatable launch of payloads up to one ton into any Earth-centered orbit on-demand to meet this need and propel TCG to the forefront of this emerging market segment.

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In addition to his work for Baen, Koboldt is the author of the Gateways to Alissia trilogy (Harper Voyager), the editor of Putting the Science in Fiction (Writers Digest, 2018), and the creator of the sci-fi adventure serial The Triangle (Serial Box, 2019). As a genetics researcher, he has coauthored more than 80 publications in Nature, Science, The New England Journal of Medicine, and other scientific journals.

Dan can be found at and on Twitter at @DanKoboldt. On his blog, he runs the popular “Science in Sci-fi / Fact in Fantasy” series, where experts in various fields contribute articles about how to write more realistic fiction. Articles from this series were collected into a book that came out in 2018 from
Writers Digest. Kobolt’s “Putting the Science in Science Fiction” blog can be found here: He has also written nonfiction articles for Clarkesworld, Apex Magazine, and

“Fire-Breathing Dragon” is set in the world of Dan Koboldt’s Build-A-Dragon Sequence, a series best described as “Jurassic Park meets the Build-A-Bear Workshop.” First entry Domesticating Dragons was followed by this year’s Deploying Dragons.

I opened my front door and came face-to-face with a dragon. It was chestnut brown, about the size of a Labrador Retriever, and quite occupied with urinating on the rosebushes.

"Hey, stop that!” I shouted.

The dragon ignored me. It was one of the flightless models. Probably a Rover, but a good twenty pounds overweight. Must belong to one of the neighbors. I watched it waddle over and sentence another rosebush to death.

I groaned. "Come on, I just planted those."

I got into my car and headed for work. I glanced in the rearview just in time to see the dragon bound up the street to wreak havoc in another neighbor’s yard.

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Lucille Robbins, Eric Flint’s widow and heir, in conjunction with Baen Books would like to announce the forthcoming titles from Eric Flint.

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Baen to publish sword and sorcery series The Chronicles of Hanuvar, with first book in August 2023

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It is with a heavy heart that we share the news that Eric Flint has passed away. We were proud to publish Eric’s first novel, Mother of Demons, in 1997, and to continue publishing his many worlds, including the best-selling Ring of Fire series that started with 1632.

There are several of Eric’s works already delivered and on the schedule. Eric was a tireless collaborator, and readers can also expect more of his works to be released with Eric’s designated collaborators in the future.

We will be celebrating Eric and his works on the Baen Free Radio Hour this week and the following week and encourage all to tune in.

—Toni Weisskopf
Publisher, Baen Books

Baen Books formally announced this year’s finalists for the Baen Fantasy Adventure Award earlier this month.

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Lakewood, Colorado author Wil McCarthy has been named the winner of the 2022 Prometheus Award for Best Novel, for his novel Rich Man’s Sky.

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Jim Beall (BS-Math, MBA, PE) has been a nuclear engineer for over forty years, a war gamer for over fifty, and an avid reader of science fiction for even longer. His experience in nuclear engineering and power systems began as a naval officer. Experience after the USN includes design, construction, inspection, enforcement, and assessment with a nuclear utility, an architect engineering firm, and the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (USNRC).

Borders are all around us, some made by nature, some by man. Below is possibly the most recognizable manmade border of them all, The Great Wall of China.

The Great Wall of China at Jinshanling
The Great Wall of China at Jinshanling
Image Credit: Severin.stalder, Wikimedia Commons

But what is a border, when did they begin, and why do we have them?

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Elaine Midcoh of Pembroke Pines, Florida, has won the grand prize in the 2022 Jim Baen Memorial Award competition for her short story, “Man on the Moon.”

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To all of those who expressed interest and support for Baen's Bar in recent weeks, we are happy to announce it is back on-line, though with some changes. Baen is handing the Bar over to its users, and will henceforth be run by SFF Forums, LLC, and may be found at Returning users will be able to use the Bar as usual, but new members will have to make a purchase at before they can log in. (Note: New users will not have to buy a book; there is a Bar tipjar option so they may contribute to the maintenance of the forum).

—Toni Weisskopf for SFF Forums

Join David Weber, Eric Flint and More in Livestream Showcasing New and Upcoming Books

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Innovative Independent Publisher to Bring Author Readings, Q&As, and Convention-Style Programming to Facebook LIVE

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Over 170 titles from Baen Books to be published as audiobooks over the next three years

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