Larry Correia is probably best known for his Monster Hunter international series, but the action-packed tales of Owen Pitt and crew are but one facet of his far-ranging talent. To celebrate the release of Correia's newest novel, Servants of War (with Steve Diamond), we’re offering discounts on all of his non-MHI backlist.

Saga of the Forgotten Warrior:
Son of the Black Sword
House of Assassins
Destroyer of Worlds

Gun Runner (with John D. Brown):
Gun Runner

Grimnoir Chronicles:
Hard Magic

Dead Six (with Mike Kupari):
Dead Six
Swords of Exodus
Alliance of Shadows
Invisible Wars: The Collected Dead Six

Collections and Anthologies:
Target Rich Environment, Volume 1
Target Rich Environment, Volume 2
Noir Fatale (edited with Kacey Ezell)

Sale ends March 31, 2022. Available wherever Baen Ebooks are sold.

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