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In this issue: a cruise through time, a dragon in every home, and a classic reissued! All that plus a new story by Marc Miller!
   October 2020


Southeastern Utah, 1934. A dark and ancient conspiracy is afoot in a small town set amid endless hills of warped and twisted sandstone. Local law enforcement seems powerless to stop a murderous magic from claiming victim after victim. Unraveling the plot will require a man of skill. A man equally at ease with magic and reason. A good man. A man of humility. But also a cunning man. Hiram Wooley has these qualities. But his practiced command of Old World Braucher skills and folklore magic may have met its match when faced with a primeval curse as old as human history itself.

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Cruise ship Queen of the Sea has been accidentally transported from the modern-day present to the ancient Mediterranean not long after the death of Alexander the Great. Now Captain Lars Floden and the other Ship People attempt to plant the seeds of 21st century civilization in the distant past. Although they have alliances among the locals, upstart heir Cassander is using foul means to claim Macedonia and Greece, brutal general Antigonus One-Eye is doing the same in Mesopotamia, and Pharaoh Ptolemy, the cleverest of them all, is expanding his Egyptian realm to the Red Sea. It’s a strange brew that has a chance to transform history and help humanity avoid centuries of strife. That is, if it doesn't kill everyone first.

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In the near future, all the dogs are dead from an incurable plague. The solution? Domesticated dragons! Noah Parker, a brilliant young genetic engineer is thrilled to land his dream job helping Reptilian Corp put a dragon into every home. But while happily creating custom-made dragons, Noah discovers that Reptilian Corp itself may not be all that it seems. Delving into dangerous matters that someone very powerful does not wished discovered, Noah must seek the key to a secret locked in the genetic heart of a new breed of science-made dragons—a secret that may change the world forever!

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New Fiction and Nonfiction at

story graphic Long Live the Imperium!

As an Agent of the Imperium, Agent Shugili's life is governed by the rules all Agents are honor-bound to follow. But when he finds himself once again reactivated for duty, it is in a situation for which no rule exists. But Agent Shigili of The Quarantine has long ago learned an important lesson — any action is better than inaction. And he will do whatever it takes to restore peace and honor to the Imperium.

Read "The Red Ship" by Marc Miller here.

The Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How of the Carreraverse

Tom Kratman’s Patricio Carrera series has cut a swath through the military science fiction genre. In “Notes on the Carreraverse,” the third part of a three-part essay, Kratman outlines the history and worldbuilding of his popular creation.

Read part three of “Notes on the Carreraverse (A Concordance, More or Less)” by Tom Kratman here.

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Don’t Touch That Dial: It’s the Baen Free Radio Hour

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Coming soon to the Baen Free Radio Hour: David Weber and Jacob Holo discuss The Valkyrie Protocol, a new entry in their time-travel-space-war science fiction Gordian Division series. And editor and authors in a roundtable talk on anthology Weird World War III, which is filled with stories of the turn the Cold War might have taken place had magic or science fiction weirdness become an ingredient! Missed past episodes? No problem. We’ve got every episode archived for your listening pleasure. All previous episodes are also archived at Baen’s YouTube Channel, here. And check out the new optional video podcast format!

Listen to the Baen Free Radio Hour now.

Black Tide Rising on Indiegogo

Help Bring John Ringo's Best-selling Black Tide Rising Series to Life as a Graphic Novel

Hound Dog Media’s crowdfunding campaign for the officially licensed Black Tide Rising: Volume 1 graphic novel adaptation is fully funded! It will go into full production very shortly; adapted by legendary comics writer Chuck Dixon with art by Derlis Santacruz, colors by Brett Smith, and the cover you see below by iconic Star Wars artist Dave Dorman!

The fun doesn’t end there though, because there are two stretch goals that will add 8 pages each to the finished graphic novel, taking it from 48 pages to 56, and up to 64 full-color pages! Going to will take you straight to the campaign page, where you can select your backer reward and help knock out those stretch goals!

The campaign itself ends on October 21st at 11:59PM Pacific Time, but it will transition to Indiegogo’s “InDemand” mode, which allows for more backers to participate for a much longer period of time!

Some premium rewards, however, such as those that get you drawn into the book by veteran Marvel/DC artist Derlis Santacruz, won’t last long due to production requirements. If you want one of those, act fast!

We’ve also got a great option to consider with Veteran’s Day around the corner, where you can purchase copies that Hound Dog Media will distribute to active servicemembers at various military bases and/or veterans at VA Facilities! You can buy single copies for Troops/Vets, a 5-pack for them at 20% off the list price, or choose a level that gets you a copy and sends one to a vet or servicemember!

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Baen Books


The Macedonian Hazard - HALF
Eric Flint, Paula Goodlett, Gorg Huff

Cruise ship Queen of the Sea has been accidentally transported from the modern-day present to the ancient Mediterranean not long after the death of Alexander the Great. Now Captain Lars Floden and the other Ship People attempt to plant the seeds of 21st century civilization in the distant past.
Domesticating Dragons - HALF
Dan Koboldt

It's not long after he lands his dream job, creating real-life dragons for Reptilian Corp, that genetic engineer Noah Parker discovers that his new employer may not be all that it seems. Noah must seek the key to a secret locked in the genetic heart of a new breed of science-made dragons—a secret that may change the world forever!
The Apocalypse Troll
David Weber

For over four centuries humankind has been in embroiled in a devastating war against the maniacal Kanga. The alien threat is on the run, but the Kanga, in a last desperate attempt at victory, plan to use experimental time travel to wipe out humanity in the distant past. If the human race is to survive, the Kanga will have to be stopped—at any cost.
Gunpowder & Embers
John Ringo, Kacey Ezell, Christopher L. Smith

Thirty years ago, the world ended. Now, thirty years later, humanity has rebuilt . . . to an extent. Without electricity, human ingenuity has provided some creative solutions. Into this world come a lifelong cowboy, a mystic warrior monk, a beautiful dragon tamer, a runaway cultist, and a mysterious drunken lecher—all searching for the key to reclaiming humanity’s future and past.
Council of Fire
Eric Flint & Walter H. Hunt

Halley’s Comet, 1759. The comet veers and strikes the Earth with nature-altering force. The New World splits from the Old. In this changed New World, it is the dawn of real magic—and very real monsters. Now, a young English prince must wield his newfound powers to unify the continent—or the New World may well slip into oblivion.
Frozen Orbit
Patrick Chiles

During their long race to the Kuiper Belt, astronauts Jack Templeton and Traci Keene unwind a decades-old mystery buried in the pages of a dead cosmonaut’s journal. Challenging their own beliefs about the nature of humanity, they will soon confront the question of existence itself.
Confirmed Kill
Michael Z. Williamson

Army Rangers Kyle Monroe and Wade Curtis are the best at what they do: eliminating their nation's enemies from a distance with one well-placed bullet to the head. When Intelligence catches wind of a terrorist plot unfolding in the jungles of Indonesia, Monroe and Curtis are the snipers assigned to take the killers out. Failure is not an option, since al Qaeda-linked fanatics plan to blow an oil-rich province sky high, taking hundreds of innocent lives, many of them American.
Space Soldiers
Edited by Gardner Dozois & Jack Dann

Nine visions of the future of war . . .  In this explosive anthology, ten of science fiction's best new and classic writers imagine the soldiers who will one day fight and die on distant worlds.

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*This Baen Ebooks subscription bundle will dissolve on January 5, 2021. After that date, these books will be available for individual sale only.*

Ring of Fire Press

Border Crosser
Tom Doyle

Eris is a charismatic spy with a violent borderline personality and emotional amnesia—she doesn’t remember her loyalties. This allows her to pass from world to world without mental scanners detecting her long-term intentions, making her a “border crosser.” In a Galaxy Gone Insane, Only a Madwoman would fight for freedom.

Stand By for Mars
Carey Rockwell

After a crash landing on Mars, Tom Corbett and his fellow space cadets must to learn to work together—or they will all die together on the barren sands of the red planet.

Jamaica Blue Magic
Kathleen Moffre-Spoor & Ryk E. Spoor

Dylan, the monster-hunter-turned-revenant, goes to Jamaica in hope of forgetting past grief. But a European vampire, an ancient fae godslayer and the demon who destroyed Dylan’s family have plans of their own. For him.

Wordfire Press

The Making War
Brenda Cooper

When humans can create new species, what rights do they have over the beings they create? The Making War is the long-awaited final book in the award-winning series that began with The Silver Ship and the Sea. Six genetically engineered children fought to survive in a small town where everyone hated what they were, on a difficult planet full of out-sized predators with long teeth and sharp claws. Because they were stronger than the colonists, they found a way to live, and eventually a way to leave.

The Wolf Leader
Alexandre Dumas

One of the first werewolf novels ever written! What’s the next best thing to having a walking wolf grant your wishes? Would it be enough to take revenge on those who oppose you?

Mr. Menace
R. Michael Burns

A criminal underworld. A gorgeous dame. A crime boss dealing in immortal souls. Mr. Menace is a supernatural noir experience you won't forget.

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