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In this issue: A young trader in the midst of a maelstrom, a man at the end of his rope, and a classic of sf back in print. Plus, a new story by Tim Akers!
February 2022


Jethri Gobelyn has risen far: from despised youngest on a Terran family Loop ship to second trader on premier Liaden tradeship Elthoria. Jethri has inherited a mission from his father, a plan that will allow family Loop ships like the one he grew up on to survive the encroachment of Rostov’s Dust. In this, he’s backed by several prominent Looper families who are scheduled to meet and plan at the South Axis Trade Fair. But the mission will test his loyalties as he’s thrust into a tangle of gray-trading, mistaken identity, misinformation, and galactic politics.

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He’s up to his eyeballs in debt to pay for school, and he’s just moved his small family forty light-years from Earth for a plum job with the wealthy interstellar corporation The Sarovar Company. John’s first assignment is to discreetly investigate possible corruption at the remote Arrowhawk Station, where Company traders buy the famous Sarovari Weave from the three-sided, crablike Weavers. He soon finds evidence of theft and worse, but when the guilty parties realize he’s getting close, they come after him and his family. With no way back to Earth, the only direction for John Abbott and his family to go is forward—into danger.

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story graphic Hell of a Party

It looked like any other rural roadhouse party: a converted barn on the outskirts of a cornfield, neon beer signs, merrymakers drinking and dancing. But The Barcadian Wild was more than a good party; it was a disaster waiting to happen. The sort of disaster that calls for Knight Watch.

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Before Honor

Honor Harrington may be the best military strategist in the Star Kingdom of Manticore, but she is also the heir to a noble legacy. This month, we’re celebrating the tales in David Weber’s landmark Honorverse that take place before Honor comes on the scene in On Basilisk Station. For the month of February get $1 off previous entries in the Manticore Ascendant series as well as the Young Adult Star Kingdom series, featuring Honor’s ancestor Stephanie Harrington.

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Don’t Touch That Dial: It’s the Baen Free Radio Hour

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Coming soon to the Baen Free Radio Hour: An all-star lineup looks for strange lights in the sky: D.J. Butler, Travis S. Taylor, Les Johnson, Tim Powers, and Toni Weisskopf discuss UFOs, crop circles, and more! Plus, Jane Lindskold on Over Where book one, Library of the Sapphire Wind, and Sharon Lee and Steve Miller discuss A Liaden Universe® Constellation, Volume 5.

Missed past episodes? No problem. We’ve got every episode archived for your listening pleasure. All previous episodes are also archived at Baen’s YouTube Channel. And check out the new optional video podcast format!

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Baen Books


Fair Trade - HALF
Sharon Lee &
Steve Miller

Jethri Gobelyn has inherited a mission from his father. But the mission will test his loyalties as he’s thrust into a tangle of gray-trading, mistaken identity, misinformation, and galactic politics.
Abbott in Darkness - HALF
D.J. Butler

A job for a wealthy interstellar corporation turns deadly for a man at the end of his rope. With no way back to Earth, the only direction for John Abbott and his family to go is forward—into danger.
The City
Who Fought
Anne McCaffrey &
S.M. Stirling

SSS-900, a huge space station controlled by the brain of Simeon—a shellperson who relieves his daily monotony by replaying computer simulations of great battles—becomes the only thing standing between ruthless alien pirates and total destruction.
David Weber &
Richard Fox

There is no end to how high Rear Admiral Terrence Murphy can climb within the ranks of the Five Hundred, the social elite of the Heart Worlds. But Terrence Murphy is a man of honor. He intends to stop the genocide perpetrated by the Five Hundred, no matter the cost. Terrence will end fifty-six years of bloodshed and slaughter—and Hell itself rides with him.
Freehold: Defiance
edited by Michael Z. Williamson

The UN has invaded the Freehold of Grainne, a bastion of libertarian government in a galaxy of authoritarianism. Grainne must form an organized force from the shattered remnants of their military and from grimly determined insurgents. Their war is for their very way of life.
The Godel Operation
James L. Cambias

An AI must help his favorite human navigate his complex love life while aiding in the search for an ancient, legendary weapon that could spell doom for men, machines, and the Solar System itself!
Rhapsody for the Tempest
Marc Stiegler

Thousands of years ago, the northern plateau of China gave rise to the first great civilization. Now Jam, an ex-commando from the BrainTrust, is searching the plateau for the untapped geniuses needed to power the BrainTrust’s expansion. She leads a two-woman invasion that could roil the power structure in China to its core.

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Ring of Fire Press

Megan Thomas: Forensic Sorceress
Bradley H. Sinor

Megan Thomas works in the office of the District Attorney as a forensic sorceress. Her job: to tell if magic has been used in the commission of a crime, in order to protect the citizens of the greater metropolitan area of Tulsa from all manner of evil sorcerers and vampires.

Nevada Rails
Cecelia Holland

Adopted by an outlaw and on the run from a railroad detective, Lily winds up in San Francisco in 1875. There, she is caught up in the turmoil of a free-wheeling society that is making itself up as it goes along.

Wordfire Press

Eat, Drink,
and Be Wary

edited by Lisa Mangum

Food. We use it to celebrate, to provide both comfort and energy, and to show our love. There’s something about mixing a pinch of this and a dash of that to create something new. And when you pair it with the perfect drink . . . *chef’s kiss*

Son of Avonar
Carol Berg

A violent fugitive who cannot speak, who has no past. A disgraced noblewoman who would rather forget her past. And a world of magic that has turned against both of them.

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