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In this issue! A warrior turned pirate turned warrior, the threat of alien annihilation, and an ancient evil in Dustbowl-era Utah. All that plus a new Liaden Universe® story by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller!
   November 2020


Once, Jackson Rook was a war hero. But that was a long time ago, on a world very far away. Now Rook is a criminal, a smuggler on board multipurpose supply vehicle Tar Heel. His mission: steal a top-of-the-line mech and deliver it to far-flung planet Swindle, a world so hostile to everything decent that even the air will kill you. But for all Rook’s mercenary ways, there is a sense of rough justice within him. He is no pirate. He does not bow to tyrants. It seems that deep within the smuggler, the heart of a warrior still beats. And when that warrior reawakens, the galaxy will tremble!

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San Kyarr is a novitiate within a secretive holy order tasked by Fleet to infiltrate the home world of mankind’s most dangerous enemy: the Sommen. If caught, her mission will bring war to Earth—long before humanity is ready to confront this implacable enemy. To make matters worse, a competing faction within Fleet learns of the clandestine assignment and sends San’s own brother to destroy her. Now San must confront the constant threat of alien annihilation. She must deal with heart-rending human treachery and intrigue. Most of all, she must adapt and survive as she finds herself transforming into a being that is perhaps beyond human nature itself.

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Thomas Quinn is a sorcerer haunted by the memories of the things he's done over centuries of service to the Arcanum. He has long retired from that life, running an occult shop in Philadelphia for the past several decades, wanting nothing more than to be left alone with his books and his whiskey and his shame. But when two detectives come to his door asking about a brutal ritual murder in his city, Quinn must reluctantly take up the mantle of a Sorcerer of the Arcanum once more. Thomas Quinn was prepared to fight rogue sorcerers and Fae monsters. But the greatest threat he faces may be his own inner demons. . .

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Sharon Lee and Steve Miller’s Liaden Universe® Series Ebooks November Sale

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New Fiction at

story graphic A Port in the Storm

Pilot Can Ith yos'Phelium liked his life as a Scout. So when he receives unwelcome news of a “promotion” that will prevent him from continuing his vocation, he is far from pleased. In port, he seeks out time alone—to drink and to think up a plan. But his path is about to cross with a mysterious woman who seems to know about him—and she has a plan all her own.

Read “Preferred Seating,” a story set in the Liaden Universe®, by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller here.

Don’t Touch That Dial: It’s the Baen Free Radio Hour

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Coming soon to the Baen Free Radio Hour: Eric Flint and Charles E. Gannon discuss 1637: No Peace Beyond the Line. D.J. Butler on Witchy Wars novel Serpent Daughter. And Marc Miller on far future hard science fiction novel Agent of the Imperium, set in the universe of his Traveller SF role playing game. Missed past episodes? No problem. We’ve got every episode archived for your listening pleasure. All previous episodes are also archived at Baen’s YouTube Channel, here. And check out the new optional video podcast format!

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Baen Books


Gun Runner - HALF
Larry Correia & John D. Brown

Once, Jackson Rook was a war hero. Now he is a smuggler. His mission: steal a top-of-the-line mech and deliver it to far-flung planet Swindle. But for all Rook’s mercenary ways, there is a sense of rough justice within him. It seems that deep within the smuggler, the heart of a warrior still beats.
Tyger Bright - HALF
T.C. McCarthy

San Kyarr is a novitiate within a secretive holy order tasked by Fleet to infiltrate the home world of mankind’s most dangerous enemy: the Sommen. If caught, her mission will bring war to Earth—long before humanity is ready to confront this implacable enemy.
The Jupiter Knife - HALF
D.J. Butler & Aaron Michael Ritchey

A dark and ancient conspiracy is afoot in a small town set amid endless hills of warped and twisted sandstone. Local law enforcement seems powerless to stop a murderous magic from claiming victim after victim. Unraveling the plot will require a man of skill. A man equally at ease with magic and reason. A good man. A man of humility. But also a cunning man.
Breaking Silence
Mercedes Lackey & Cody Martin

The Blackthorns, dark elves who feed off misery, have been all but defeated by teenage Staci and her friends, and the town of Silence is on the upswing. But the Blackthorns have not yet given up the fight. The soul of Silence is on the line, and it is up to Staci and her friends to push back against the encroaching darkness.
Penric's Progress
Lois McMaster Bujold

Follow Penric on his journey from noble young lord to sorcerer and scholar in the Bastard's Order. Contains Penric’s Demon, Penric and the Shaman, and Penric’s Fox. Three novellas by multiple award-winning, best-selling author Lois McMaster Bujold, together for the first time.
Straight Outta Dodge City
Edited by David Boop

It’s the final showdown between heroes and darkness in the Old West. Humans versus monsters. Supernatural beings versus greater evils—with a dinosaur or two thrown in for fun. Come explore the untold myths of the west—but no dying on the trail!
Future War
Edited by Gardner Dozois & Jack Dann

Top names in science fiction storm the battlefields of tomorrow. Includes stories by Philip K. Dick, Lucius Shepard, Joe Haldeman, Allen Steele, Alastair Reynolds, Tony Daniel, and more.

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Ring of Fire Press

The Dragon's Boy
David Carrico

Young Evann's curiosity is matched only by that of his friend, the dragon Rufous. The two find trouble together in the form of another dragon. At the Dragon Conclave, Rufous is determined the new ruler of dragons. But a rival soon makes himself known — and he is aided by a powerful wizard.

Old Nathan
David Drake

Old Nathan is a backwoodsman in the Appalachia of an older era saturated with mysterious powers—of which he has quite a few himself. He’s not the only one with powers in the region, although he may be the most cunning. He’ll give it all up, though, for a new chance at life—which may be coming his way.

Things Could be Worse
Virginia DeMarce

Count Ludwig Guenther of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt builds a Lutheran church on his own land, and calls in a Saxon pastor of a Phillipist bent to serve the Lutheran refugee population of the area. In the years that follow, Pastor Kastenmeyer copes with both existing ecclesio-political strands of down-time religion and the strange new up-time world of shorts, blue jeans, and unknown religious denominations.

Pinbeam Press

The Wrong Lance
Sharon Lee & Steve Miller

In early 2018, the writing team of Lee and Miller "threw away" the first 70,000 words of a Liaden novel. The book that rose from the ashes of this failed draft was Accepting the Lance. Some of the 70,000 words of failed draft found their way into that novel, but about 44,000 didn't. Lee and Miller decided to make these words available to their readers. "The Wrong Lance" is exactly that, and is presented for your amusement.

Knotted Road Press

Sonia Orin Lyris

Finally liberated from her captor, Amarta—The Seer of Arunkel—travels south to Perripur, her former hunter—and lover—at her side. She needs all the help she can get, because more hunters are tracking her, close behind. As Amarta’s fame spreads across two countries, so does her need to understand herself, and to find others who can also see into the future.

Sonia Orin Lyris

The hunted becomes the hunter as Amarta, The Seer, sets out across the land to find others like herself and to understand her own power. On the way to the most famous predictor of all—the Heart of Seuan—Amarta walks the greatest wonder of the world: The Island Road, a living land mass that forms unpredictably, producing tremendous wealth for a lucky few. As she travels, Amarta learns to wield her power in ways that even she did not foresee, at a cost that she could not imagine.

Sonia Orin Lyris

As Amarta struggles to understand the city-state of Seuan, an extraordinary land full of threats and treasures, she resolves to protect those who cannot protect themselves, even if that means from herself. Step by step, Amarta unwraps secrets within secrets, coming to understand the cost of getting what she wants.

Wordfire Press

The Santa Claus Stories of L. Frank Baum
L. Frank Baum

L. Frank Baum created the unforgettable world of Oz, but he also had an enormous impact on American culture by creating and memorializing the mythos of Santa Claus. Here in one volume for the first time are five of Baum’s Santa Claus tales. Baum created a legacy that captures hearts and imaginations to this day.

The Freedom Conspiracy
Nathan B. Dodge

A conspiracy that spans the solar system! Joel McCowan lives with his father, a mining consultant on the Moon base. But why does a simple mining consultant make so many mysterious journeys around the Moon, back to Earth, and to other solar system colonies?


A Harmony of Enemies
Marc Stiegler

Long ago, the President for Life expelled all foreign engineers from Silicon Valley. They moved to the BrainTrust, a fleet of cruise liners off the coast of San Francisco. Now a brilliant young BrainTrust woman tackles the Fountain of Youth. No one needs her cure more than the aged and dying President. Retrieving her should be easy. After all, the BrainTrust has no military. But can a society that has earned the name BrainTrust ever be truly defenseless?

Crescendo of Fire
Marc Stiegler

The world’s most advanced rocket company suffers a catastrophic explosion that becomes a publicity disaster. Within hours, the new CEO Matt Toscano learns he faces much deeper trouble than a public relations problem—The California Governor plans to destroy him. Suddenly mankind’s best hope of better space travel lies on the water, with the BrainTrust.

Rhapsody for the Tempest
Marc Stiegler

Thousands of years ago, the northern plateau of China gave rise to the first great civilization. Now Jam, an ex-commando from the BrainTrust, is searching the plateau for the untapped geniuses needed to power the BrainTrust’s expansion. She leads a two-woman invasion that could roil the power structure in China to its core.

Ode to Defiance
Marc Stiegler

The most brilliant mind in a thousand years has been tortured and twisted by human cruelty. His solution: Burn the world down and start from scratch. Almost no one can stop him. With millions dying and nuclear war in the offing, the BrainTrust must fight for the very soul of humanity.

Marc Stiegler

Having barely dodged an extinction level event, humanity now faces a new disaster: the world plunges into a Great Crash deeper and more cruel than the Depression of 1929. The BrainTrust has an answer. But the old, corrupt, dirtside Powers don’t need an answer. They need a scapegoat.

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