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In this issue: a Nazi stronghold under siege, a star Navy on the brink, and a collection of humorous SF. All that plus a new contest!
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Germanica Über Alles

Germanica: the last stronghold of Nazi propaganda master Josef Goebbels. Goebbels knows that if he can hold out a bit longer, the Allies will back away from unconditional surrender for Germany, and he and his zealots can prepare for the moment when their hateful Nazi ideology is ready once again to rise from its alpine grave and strike at the heart of humanity. But as determined as Goebbels is, there are Americans and a few stalwart Europeans just as determined to put a final stake in the Nazi heart.

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September Contest

Funny as Hell

War is hell, they say. And in order to keep from losing it on the battlefield, it helps to have a little comic relief. The new anthology, Future Wars . . . and Other Punchlines, celebrates the humorous side of war, bringing you fantastic stories of military SF that will leave you in stitches. Reading the book left us in the mood for more, so we’re turning to you for help. Send us your funniest original military science fiction joke for your chance to win a copy of the anthology, signed by editor Hank Davis.

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Don't Touch that Dial: It's the Baen Free Radio Hour!

Coming soon to the Baen Free Radio Hour: David Weber, Eric Flint, Les Johnson, and Dr. Robert Hampson in a roundtable discussion talking about Religion, Science, and Science Fiction; David Weber, Tim Zahn and Thomas Pope on Manticore Ascendant series second entry A Call to Arms; and editors and authors discuss Future Wars and Other Punchlines, an anthology of sparkling humorous fiction. Missed past episodes? No problem. We’ve got every episode archived for your listening pleasure.

Listen to The Baen Free Radio Hour now

August Contest Winner

Last month we asked you what fantasy creature would make the best detective. Congrats to Oliver Bogert! He’ll receive a signed copy of David B. Coe’s His Father’s Eyes and five free ebooks. Read Oliver’s entry here.


September Books

Robert Conroy

Nazi propaganda minister Josef Goebbels has retreated to his Alpine stronghold, where he awaits the day when the Third Reich can once again spread like a plague across the globe. But as determined as Goebbels is, there are others just as determined to put a final stake in the Nazi heart.

Lord of Janissaries
Jerry Pournelle
Roland J. Green

(trade paperback)

A modern soldier is transported by aliens to a world filled with warriors from throughout time, including medieval knights and Roman soldiers. His task: survival. Includes Janissaries, Clan and Crown, and Storms of Victory.

Future Wars and Other Punchlines
ed. by Hank Davis
(trade paperback)

They say war is hell. Well, sometimes it’s funny as hell! As illustrated by these tales of humorous military SF.

A Call to Duty
David Weber
Timothy Zahn

(trade paperback)

With all resources in doubt, the Royal Manticoran Navy is on the brink of extinction. But there is still threat without, and Travis Long is about to discover that it's in the worst of time that heroes are born!

Wood Sprites
Wen Spencer
(mass marker paperback)

As war breaks out on Elfhome and riots rock New York City, twin geniuses Louise and Jillian Mayer must use science and magic to save their baby brother and sisters.

Trial by Fire
Charles E. Gannon
(mass market paperback)

War has erupted and Earth's fleet has been shattered by an alien sneak attack. The survivors fight for their lives as reluctant interstellar diplomat and intelligence officer Caine Riordan contends with a non-humanoid enemy willing to do anything to prevent war—even if that means exterminating the human race.
Baen Appearances
Author Appearance
David Afsharirad
Kevin Anderson
David B. Coe
Larry Correia
Larry Dixon
Dan Dos Santos
Larry Elmore
Bill Fawcett
Eric Flint
Esther Friesner
Charles Gannon
Walter Hunt
Les Johnson
Mike Kupari
Mercedes Lackey
Todd Lockwood
Don Maitz
Rebecca Moesta
Jody Lynn Nye
John Ringo
Carrie Vaughn
Mark Van Name
Michael Z. Williamson
Timothy Zahn

September 4-7
Dragon Con
Atlanta, GA

Timothy Zahn

September 11-13
Noris Force Con
Nuremberg, Germany

Larry Correia
Charles Gannon

September 24-26
Salt Lake Comic Con
Salt Lake City, UT

David Afsharirad
S.M. Stirling

September 25-27
Irving, TX

Don't forget to check out the newest ebook releases here, plus read “The Teacher” by Robert Conroy and J.R. Dunn here. And don’t miss Les Johnson’s new non-fiction essay “Space Tethers and Elevators” here. For upcoming appearances by Baen authors and editors, check here.
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