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In this issue: all-out war in the city of monsters, a young woman faces down the forces of darkness, and Privateer Press ebooks—including two complete Larry Correia novels!— are now available for sale here. All that, plus a new short story, set in the world of Dark Victory.
   May 2017

book cover The New Mainline Monster Hunter Novel!

When Monster Hunter International’s top hunter, Owen Zastava Pitt, receives a tip about some hunters who have gone missing in action, he doesn’t realize their rescue mission will snowball into the single biggest operation in MHI history. It seems their men are being held prisoner in a horrific nightmare dimension, and the only way to reach them is through the radioactive ruins of a monster-infested war zone. Allies are called to arms and a massive expedition is formed. The odds are stacked against them, but the fiercest hunters the world has ever known won’t be easily defeated. It’s time for Monster Hunter International to go to war.

Get Monster Hunter Siege eARC here.

Face Down the Forces of Darkness

Destruction is in Jame Knorth’s nature. She is the avatar of a god known as That-Which-Destroys, the god of chaos and ruin. Yet Jame is also a noblewoman of an ancient race. Jame’s people are fleeing, world by world, from a terrible enemy that has pursued them through a multitude of universes. Its name is Perimal Darkling.

Jame sets out to reestablish the long-fallen castle keep of Tagmeth as an outpost against the gathering dark power. But Tagmeth hides a secret, a gateway to a mystery that may save this world from eternal darkness—or plunge it to destruction and ruin all the sooner. It is up to Jame to find her way through Perimal Darkling’s traps, and to come to terms with the god of pandemonium and destruction within herself. If she succeeds, it may be that Perimal Darkling can finally be defeated after eons of fear and flight. And if she fails, yet another world will fall to darkness forever.

Get The Gates of Tagmeth eARC here.

book cover

book cover Fight in the Past, Free the Future

Jason Thanou has fought for the continued existence of humanity across the centuries. As a special operations officer of the Temporal Regulatory Authority, he’s traveled though time to thwart the Transhumanists—genetically and mechanically enhanced beings that seek to destroy humanity—and their alien allies, the Teloi.

Now Jason must travel through Earth’s bloody history to ensure the survival of the human race. He and his team find themselves in Italy, two days before the death of Pope John Paul I. It seems something much more sinister than a simple heart attack is behind the death of the Holy Father. Racing against—and through—time, Jason and his fellow officers must defeat the Transhumanists and their Teloi allies. For The Day of Transhuman apocalypse grows ever closer!

Get Gods of Dawn eARC here.

New Fiction and Nonfiction at

In the Line of Duty

Ten years ago the alien Creepers invaded, destroying major cities, knocking out all modern technology, and holding major metropolitan centers captive. For twelve-year-old Belinda Craft, it’s the only world she’s ever known. Like the rest of the survivors, she and her grandfather get along as best they can, making do on a small farm. Then the fight comes to them. Creepers are advancing on what is left of the United States Army. Belinda may be little more than a child, but in a world torn to shreds by an alien invasion, all must do their duty to help reestablish civilization. An all-new short story set in the world of Dark Victory and Red Vengeance.

Read “A Fire on the Hill” by Brendan DuBois here.

story graphic

story graphic Genius of the Battlefield

In their new novel The Day After Gettysburg, Robert Conroy and J.R. Dunn imagine a very different ending to the American Civil War. But of course General Robert E. Lee—master tactician though he was—was not enough of a strategist to keep the North at bay long enough to declare victory. In this month’s new nonfiction essay, J.R. Dunn explores Lee’s strengths and weaknesses as a military commander.

Read “Robert E. Lee and Decisive Battle” here.

Privateer Press Books Now Available
in the Baen eBooks Store

Founded in December 2000 with the goal of producing the best games possible, Privateer Press has created the award-winning Warmachine and Hordes miniatures game properties, as well as the Iron Kingdoms world. Now Privateer Press novels and short story anthologies, based in their unique worlds, are available in the Baen ebooks store for the first time—including two full-length Warmachine novels by New York Times best-selling author Larry Correia.

Check out Privateer Press at the Baen ebooks store here.

New Military SF Storybundle

Baen author Kevin J. Anderson has put together a big bundle of books in the Military Science Fiction Megabundle. The bundle contain 15 action-packed books, including four Baen titles: Better to Beg Forgiveness by Michael Z. Williamson, One Day on Mars by Travis S. Taylor, Under a Graveyard Sky by John Ringo, and The Year’s Best Military & Adventure SF, edited by David Afsharirad. The bundle also includes other titles by Kevin J. Anderson, Robert Asprin, Jody Lynn Nye, Brad Torgersen, William C. Dietz, Doug Beason, David Farland, and others. Name your own price (minimum $5), and you will get the books delivered to your e-reader. A portion of the funds goes directly to benefit the Challenger Learning Centers for Space Science Education.

The military science fiction bundle will be available May 17 - June 7.

Find out more here.

Don’t Touch that Dial: It’s the Baen Free Radio Hour

Coming soon to the Baen Free Radio Hour: David Afsharirad talks to Sarah A. Hoyt about the latest entry in the Prometheus Award winning Darkship series, Darkship Renegade. And Mike Resnick and Eric Flint sit down to discuss their new collaboration, The Gods of Sagittarius. Plus, we begin the audiobook serialization of Sharon Lee & Steve Miller’s Liaden Universe® novel, Alliance of Equals. Missed past episodes? No problem. We’ve got every episode archived for your listening pleasure.

Listen to the Baen Free Radio Hour now.

Baen Ebook Releases

Monster Hunter Siege - HALF
Larry Correia

When Monster Hunter International’s top hunter, Owen Zastava Pitt, receives a tip about some hunters who have gone missing in action, he doesn’t realize their rescue mission will snowball into the single biggest operation in MHI history. The odds are stacked against them, but the fiercest hunters the world has ever known won’t be easily defeated.

The Gates of Tagmeth - HALF
P.C. Hodgell

Jame Knorth, noblewoman and avatar of a divine being known as That-Which-Destroys, must travel to the abandoned castle keep of Tagmeth. There she will face down an ancient darkness that threatens the land.

The Best of Bova, Vol. III
Ben Bova

Spanning more than five decades of a legendary career, here are tales of star-faring adventure, peril, and drama. Here are journeys into the mind-bending landscapes of virtual worlds and alternate realities. Here are stories of humanity’s astounding future on Earth, on Mars, in the Solar System—and beyond.

Gods of Dawn - HALF
Steve White

Jason Thanou and his team of time travelers must once again make the world safe from the Transhumanists and their alien allies, the Teloi. To do so, they’ll have to journey into Earth’s past to investigate the assassination of a Pope—and witness the early beginnings of human civilization.

Death's Bright Day
David Drake

A war is brewing between the Republic of Cinnabar and the Alliance of Free Stars, and Daniel Leary and Adele Mundy are once again called to serve. But their efforts may be no match for an enemy battleship.

The Dragon Hammer
Tony Daniel

For generations the great land-dragon has called to the rulers of Shenandoah. But now the dragon calls to sixteen-year-old Wulfgang von Dustig, third in line to the throne. Now, Wulf must free his family and his land from an ancient, vampiric evil. To do so, he’ll have to wield . . . The Dragon Hammer.

Get the August ebooks bundle here

*This Baen Ebooks subscription bundle will dissolve on August 1, 2017. After that date, these books will be available for individual sale only.*

Privateer Press

Into the Storm
Larry Correia

Lieutenant Hugh Madigan, a peerless warrior knighted during the reign of the deposed king, has spent years in obscurity. Now he has been ordered back to the front. His task: turn a platoon of miscreants into elite soldiers fit to be called Storm Knights.

Into the Wild
Larry Correia

Now under the leadership of the reluctant Lieutenant Kelvan Cleasby, the Sixth Platoon of Storm Knights has been ordered to accompany an archeological expedition deep into the Wyrmwall Mountains. But what seems a simple enough assignment rapidly turns into a test of the platoon’s survival skills.

Black Dogs
Richard Lee Bryers

When Canice Gormleigh becomes the target of a brutal foreign crime syndicate called the Black Dogs, Colbie Sterling and the rest of the Black River Irregulars are prepared to defend her. Yet what begins as a simple bodyguard assignment turns personal when the syndicate marks the Black River Irregulars as the sole remaining obstacle keeping the Black Dogs from taking over the Undercity.

Rites of Passage
A Warmachine Anthology

Renowned for both martial and arcane skills, the mighty warcasters of the Iron Kingdoms possess the unique gift of bonding with and commanding mighty warjacks on the field of battle. Rites of Passage tells the tales of six novice warcasters, some from the great military powers of the Iron Kingdoms and others destined for a more independent path.

The Blood of Kings
Douglas Seacat

Amid the backdrop of civil war, the fate of the kingdom depends on the outcome of a covert struggle between two powerful warcasters—the gun mage Allister Caine and the mercenary warlord Asheth Magnus. Caine faces a moral quandary as he seeks to kill the bastard son of Cygnar’s former king. But Magnus is equally determined to see the bastard crowned as king—and is willing to kill anyone who gets in his way.

Watery Graves
Chris A. Jackson

Unaware of the forces marshaled against him, Captain Phinneus Shae and the crew of the Talion are headed into uncharted waters. With a doggedly determined killer from his past on his trail and cold-blooded pirates all around him, Shae’s contract to recover the treasure from a sunken ship seems destined to fail. But other, more nefarious individuals are after that same treasure. Whether for good or ill all depends on who finds it first and who is buried at the bottom of the sea.

Orrin Grey

Tristan Durant, a priest and warcaster of the Protectorate of Menoth, struggles with his faith and his role. When a dark vision of the future warns of a rising threat to the theocracy, he returns to the homeland for an epic confrontation against the godless enemy. Now Durant must choose a side to prevent the skorne from enslaving the faithful, and his choice will determine his fate—or have it determined for him.

Wordfire Press

Unnatural Acts
Kevin J. Anderson

A Dan Shamble, Zombie PI adventure.  Dan Shamble and his team investigate enslaved golem sweatshop workers, a ghost Shakespearean performing company, an evil Senator who wants to crush the rights of all Unnaturals, and a brothel for monsters being harassed by an arsonist.

Phule Me Twice
Robert Asprin

A hilarious military SF spoof in the New York Times bestselling series. Commander Willard Phule and his company of misfits think they have smooth sailing ahead when they obtain a robot lookalike replacement for Phule…but when a planetary revolution ensues, it’s twice the trouble.

Prospero Regained
L. Jagi Lamplighter

Shakespeare meets Dante as Miranda races to gather her siblings and rescue her father…from Hell.  Third in the “Prospero’s Children” series.

Living Dead Girl
Susan Sizemore

The entire bestselling Living Dead Girl series in one volume! Serafina Raider did not volunteer for the job of ghost hunter. Instead she was murdered and magically returned to her body to take up the role of defending the world against evil spirits. She doesn't want the job, or her partner, Devan Nolan, the man who killed her.

Get the May Wordfire Press Bundle here

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