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In this issue: a monster betrayed, a trip through time to save the future, and a classic retold. All that plus new fiction from Michael Z. Williamson set in the Freehold universe.
   April 2014

book cover Hell Hath No Fury Like a Monster Betrayed!

Agent Franks of the U.S. Monster Control Bureau is a man of many parts—parts from other people, that is. He’s also nearly indestructible, animated by a powerful alchemical substance and inhabited by a super-intelligent spirit more ancient than humanity itself. Sworn to serve and protect the United States of America from all monsters, Franks has only one condition to the agreement: the government is never allowed to try to make more like him.

Project Nemesis: a secret government project by the very agency Franks works to make thirteen more—just like Franks. Now all bets are off, and the director is about to learn that it’s best to stay on a monster’s good side. Particularly if that monster happens to be an undying killing machine.

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The Carrera Saga Continues!

Carrera—warrior, killer, and savior of humanity’s freedom—has driven the Tauran Union from his adopted country. But that’s not enough. To finish his enemies once and for all, he needs to draw them back for a final, crushing defeat. To get to Carrera, his enemies will have take the strongest island fortress on two worlds. And in the process they’ll learn why the expression "blood-stained water" is not just a literary allusion.

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book cover

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New Fiction and Nonfiction at

book cover Sink Your Teeth into Retribution!

The former colonists of the Freehold of Grainne are done with the occupation of their planet by the UN forces of Earth. In fact, the locals aren't content with lobbing missiles at the opposition. They intend to go that extra step. And now Jandro Hauer is about to find out that even a trip to the local bazaar for a quick bite can be an invitation to horror. A new story by Michael Z. Williamson set in the Freehold universe. Williamson's excellent new collection of short fiction and provocative nonfiction is available here.

Read "Soft Casualty" here.

Rendezvous in Outer Space

There's part two of our look at how rockets rendezvous and dock, written by former NASA Space Shuttle mission control specialist Terry Burlison. What does it really take to get a vehicle from the launch pad into orbit and mated safely with another craft, hundreds of miles high traveling at a blistering 18,000 miles per hour? Sit down, strap in, and hold on. You’re about to learn why it’s called “rocket science.”

Read part two of “Rendezvous and Docking: a User’s Guide for Non-rocket Scientists” now.


Stealing Arturo Final Lessons of War

The sixth and final installment of the multipart series on training for war by retired Army lieutenant colonel Tom Kratman, creator of the popular Carrera military science fiction series, Come and Take Them. Kratman’s contention: an army is for winning wars. And to win wars, you have to train men (and some women) to be warriors, not police or social workers.

Read Part Six of Training for War here.

The complete “Training for War,” all six serialized installments, is now available as an ebook here.

Don't Touch that Dial: It's The Baen Free Radio Hour!

Fascinating conversations with your favorite Baen writers about the books you love. Coming soon: a discussion on Robert A. Heinlein's Waldo & Magic, Inc. with World Fantasy Award winning author Tim Powers, a two-part interview with David Weber and Eric Flint discussing new Crown of Slaves series novel, Cauldron of Ghosts, and a David Drake interview on his new RCN novel The Sea without a Shore, and a talk with Aussie writers Hal Colebatch and Jessica Q. Fox on their new novel Treasure Planet set in the Man-Kzin War universe created by Larry Niven.

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July Baen Ebook Releases

Monster Hunter Nemesis
Larry Correia

The director of top secret project Nemesis is about to find out that it’s best to stay on a monster’s good side. Particularly if that monster happens to be an undying killing machine made from a powerful alchemical substance and inhabited by a spirit more ancient than humanity itself.

The Rods and the Axe
Tom Kratman

Carrera—warrior, killer, and savior of humanity’s freedom—has driven the Tauran Union from his adopted country. But that’s not enough. To finish his enemies once and for all, he needs to draw them back for a final, crushing defeat.

Ghosts of Time
Steve White

Special operations officer Jason Thanou of the Temporal Regulatory Authority must travel back to the final days of the American Civil War. Human freedom is on the line, and the leader of a slave underground possesses an incredible secret that may change Jason’s fate—and that of the future itself—forever.

The Fire Rose
Mercedes Lackey

Rosalind Hawkins must uncover her mysterious employer’s dark secret and help him reverse the effects of a misfired spell.

Hope Renewed
David Drake
S.M. Stirling

The Empire of Man has fallen and a new Dark Age is upon the stars. But one battle computer has survived the Collapse and is determined to find leaders who can return a star-faring republic to the galaxy. Includes The Sword and The Chosen.

Under a Graveyard Sky
John Ringo

Are you prepared for the zombie apocalypse? The Smith family is, with the help of a few Marines. The plan is to find a safe haven from the anarchy of infected humanity. But what they soon discover is that the only way to save humanity is to fight back.

Cobra Slave
Timothy Zahn

Cobras: technologically enhanced warriors bred to fight an alien menace no ordinary human can withstand. Now Cobra Merrick Broom is on a secret rescue mission to a world of humans enslaved by alien Troft masters.

The Honorable Barbarian
L. Sprague de Camp

When he sets out on a hasty quest, Kerin finds adventure aplenty, including a spell on a desert island, capture by pirates, and the rescue of a princess from human sacrifice.
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John Grant

Strider’s Galaxy
John Grant

A hyperspace portal snatches humanity’s first colonization mission millions of parsecs off course and deposits it in the middle of a galactic conflict. The crew must decide to stay and fight or try to find their way home—but first they must survive! Book one in the Strider Chronicles.

Strider’s Universe
John Grant

Millions of parsecs from Earth, Captain Strider has helped the Ancient Species of the Wondervale defeat the tyrannical Autarch Nalia. But victory is short lived, and a new threat is on the horizon. Book two in the Strider Chronicles.

Electric Story

The Starbridge Chronicles, from award winning author Paul Parks, together in a discount bundle!

Soldiers of Paradise
Paul Park

In the lowest slums of the city-state of Charn, a doctor and a drunken prince defy the law to bring medicine to the poor. As a decades-long pitched battle approaches the city, they will follow their compassion into the heart of a revolution.

Sugar Rain

Paul Park

A cruelly pragmatic priest has set the stage for a new faith, and even those who defy him seem fated to play out roles that will inevitably bring it to pass. Finalist for the Locus Reader Poll Award.

The Cult of Loving Kindness

Paul Park

Deep in the forest, a twin boy and girl grow up oblivious to the outside world. When their home is invaded, the pair takes flight. Among the new faith called The Cult of Loving Kindness, they awaken to their mythic heritage, becoming the catalyst of another revolution.

Wordfire Press

Clockwork Angels
Kevin J. Anderson
Neil Peart

Bestselling steampunk fantasy adventure based on the concept album by rock legends Rush; cowritten with Neil Peart, Rush drummer and lyricist.

Comrades in Arms

Kevin J. Anderson

A human soldier and an alien are thrown together as unlikely allies against their own forces which are trying to kill them.

Assault on Alpha Base

Col. Doug Beason

Terrorists have overrun a US nuclear weapons stockpile…but they get more than they bargained for.

Helmet Head

Mike Baron

A Nazi ghost with a samurai sword is decapitating bikers. Nuff said?

Peter J. Waks
Mark Ryan

The launch of a new epic fantasy. A gravely injured warrior must rescue his sister who has been kidnapped by a monster army.

The Race for God

Brian Herbert

After receiving a mysterious signal, competing religions and corporations embark on a race across the galaxy to be the first to find God.

Infinity Plus

SF Stories from the Fertile Mind of Keith Brooke

Multiple personalities fighting for control of a single body, a seaside town held together by the belief of its inhabitants, and an ocean crossing that traverses more than just the sea. All this and more from the mind of Philip K. Dick award finalist Keith Brooke. Includes the short story collections Embrace: Tales from the Dark Side, Faking It: Accounts of the General Genetics Corp., Liberty Spin: Tales of Scientifiction, Memesis: Modification and Other Strange Changes, and Segue: Into the Strange.

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