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In this issue: a veteran rises to the occasion, fantasy with a military twist, a classic reborn, and a science fiction love story in under 25 words. All that plus a new contest!
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Duty Calls!

War is coming to the Cutter Stream colonies. A war that the colonists must win. Allen Allenson has known war, and has hated it. But it is this very experience that makes him the only man fit to lead the colonial army. Faced with the choice to roll over or fight, Allenson takes up the general's mantle.

Because the one thing Allenson won’t do is quit.

Get Into the Maelstrom here.

A Science Fiction Legend’s First Novel, Stunningly Reborn!

In a world where mating is genetically determined, one male and female rebel choose to defy centuries of convention and stay together. Their love will either determine a new way forward for their species—or they will become the last of their kind. Eric Flint’s debut novel, in a collectible leatherbound edition.

Get Mother of Demons here.

book cover

Epic Fantasy! Epic Battles! Epic Heroes!

It is in the battles of epic fantasy and sword and sorcery where heroism comes alive, magic is unleashed, and legends are made and unmade. Here are stories on the military side of high fantasy, featuring beautifully crafted worlds filled with magic and mayhem.

All new stories of heroes engaged in epic battle from the top names in the genre including, Elizabeth Moon, Tobias Buckell & David Klecha, Jonathan Maberry, and many more.

Get Operation Arcana here.

March Contest

Make Science Fiction History

To celebrate the release of Into the Maelstrom, book 2 in the Citizen series, which is modeled around the events of the American Revolutionary War, we’re offering up a copy of the book, signed by authors David Drake and John Lambshead. For your chance to win, tell us what historical period or event you think would make for the best science fiction story, and why.

Find out more here.


Don't Touch that Dial: It's the Baen Free Radio Hour!

Coming soon to the Baen Free Radio Hour: David Drake and John Lambshead on their new novel Into the Maelstrom; Eric Flint on his first novel, Mother of Demons, and the editor and writers of Operation Arcana.

Listen to The Baen Free Radio Hour now

February Contest Winner

Last month we asked you to write us a short science fiction love story. A REALLY sort science fiction love story. You managed to cram a lot of romance and SF into 25 words or less. Picking a winner was a heartwarming task. Congratulations to Timothy Hansell, who was our winner! He’ll receive a signed copy of As Time Goes By. You can read his winning entry below.

Soul mates
by Timothy Hansell

She finally stood before the only person she had ever loved and sobbed as she slammed the knife into her past self’s heart.


March Books

Into the Maelstrom
David Drake
John Lambshead


War is coming to the Cutter Stream colonies. A war that the colonists must win. Faced with the choice to roll over or fight, unlikely leader Allen Allenson takes up the mantle of General.

Mother of Demons
Eric Flint
(leatherbound edition)

A crumbling alien civilization fights to stave off a final fall into barbarism, and human explorers must chose: will they help, or standby and let a once high civilization fall. New York Times best seller Eric Flint’s first novel!

Operation Arcana
edited by John Joseph Adams
(trade paperback)

All new stories of heroes engaged in epic battle from the top names in the genre including, Elizabeth Moon, Tobias Buckell & David Klecha, Jonathan Maberry, and many more.

Mars, Inc.
Ben Bova
(trade paperback)

How do you get to the Red Planet? With a helping of adventure, science, corporate power plays—and money, money, money!

Monster Hunter Nemesis
Larry Correia
(mass market paperback)

The director of top secret project Nemesis is about to find out that it’s best to stay on a monster’s good side. Particularly if that monster happens to be an undying killing machine made from a powerful alchemical substance and inhabited by a spirit more ancient than humanity itself.

1636: Seas of Fortune
Iver Cooper
(mass market paperback)

By 1636, the time traveling impact of an American town thrown back in time stretches across two great oceans. Daring pioneers cross the Atlantic and found a new colony on the Wild Coast of South America, determined to avoid a slave economy using up-time knowledge. In Japan, new technology breaks centuries of isolation.
Baen Appearances
Author Appearance
David Drake
Mark Van Name

March 1
Eva Perry Regional Library
Apex, NC

Wen Spencer

March 4
San Francisco Public Library
San Francisco, CA

Larry Niven

March 13
Indiana ComicCon
Indianapolis, IN

Michael Z. Williamson

March 13
Indy 1500 Gun & Knife Show
Indianapolis, IN

Charles E. Gannon
Les Johnson

March 18
Virginia Festival of the Book
Charlottesville, VA

David Drake

March 20
Cincinnati, OH

Larry Niven

March 22
Vintage Paperback Collectors Show and Sales
Los Angeles, CA

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