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In this issue: surviving at trip to Mars, docking the big ships, a magician with an ace up her sleeve, and a pirate hoard of “black gold.” All that plus contest winner announcements.
   March 2014

book cover High Adventure in the New World!

Oil. The Americas have it. The United States of Europe needs it. Without oil, all hope by the time traveling town of Grantville, West Virginia to bring science and industry into the heart of a European continent still crawling out of the Dark Ages is lost. Enter Lieutenant-Commander Eddie Cantrell, daring up-time commander of this venture into western oceans. But Cantrell’s plans could be wrecked in a multitude of ways. The Spanish are after him, and there are other enemies with even fewer scruples determined to hang the commander from a yardarm.

Get the 1636: Commander Cantrell in the West Indies eARC here.

Surviving a Mars Mission Worst Case Scenario!

In the year 2035 space exploration is a reality, and the first manned mission to Mars is away. Sending humans into space is risky—but are the risks worth it? The astronauts and mission specialists of the Arrow—a crew set to be the first humans on Mars—think so. But powerful political forces on Earth disagree, and they'll use any mishap to prove their point. And when a fluke collision hobbles the ship, it's not only the lives of the crew that hang in the balance, but the future of manned space exploration itself!

Read the Rescue Mode eARC here.

book cover

book cover Journey to the Past to Save the Present!

The land of Kothifir’s proud towers are falling. In order to save the present, Jame, Kencyrath heir doomed to stalk the gods, must search the past, be it fifteen years ago when her brother Tori arrived in Kothifir, or three thousand years ago when the Wastes were a great sea ringed with rich civilizations. Somehow, Tori survived. Somehow, the cities of the plain were destroyed in one catastrophic night.

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New Fiction and Nonfiction at

Bet on Magic!

Tamara Welder has made a life for herself on the planet commonly known as Funhouse. Performing stage magic in one of the smaller casinos isn’t a glamorous life, but it is an honest one, and as Tam is fond of saying “Outworlders know how to get by.” Thinking that the psychic “ping” she recently felt is a gambler trying to gain an unfair advantage, Tam calls the authorities. But Dr. Trevor Jamieson doesn’t act like a cop, and soon Tam begins to suspect that the good doctor is not really on Funhouse to investigate a card cheat, but something much more sinister. All new fiction from Robert Buettner set in the world of Balance Point, out in April from Baen Books.

Read “Magic and Other Honest Lies” now.


Stealing Arturo
Rendezvous in Outer Space

NASA has flown rendezvous missions for nearly a half-century. Since Project Gemini, astronauts and mission controllers have safely brought space vehicles together, whether from one country or more, over the earth or the moon, in a matter of hours or of days, all the while making it look as easy as meeting a friend for coffee. So, what does it really take to get a vehicle from the launch pad into orbit and mated safely with another craft, hundreds of miles high traveling at a blistering 18,000 miles per hour?

Sit down, strap in, and hold on. You’re about to learn why it’s called “rocket science.”

Read “Rendezvous and Docking: a User’s Guide for Non-rocket Scientists” Part One by former NASA Space Shuttle mission controller Terry Burlison now.

Contest Winners

How many Baen fans does it take to write a killer Mars joke?

Your entries for our best Mars joke contest left the Baen staff rolling in the aisles. Narrowing down the side-splitting entries to one winner was no easy task.

Congratulations to Chuck Patten for cracking us up!

And here’s Chuck’s joke:

Q: Why doesn't Mars have a breathable atmosphere? A: Because it was allocated to everyone according to their needs, and Mars is a Red planet...

And congratulations to Richard Brown. Richard is the winner of a signed Trade Secrets poster.

Stealing Arturo
Don't Touch that Dial: It's The Baen Free Radio Hour!

Fascinating conversations with your favorite Baen writers about the books you love. Interviews with David Weber, Eric Flint, Larry Correia, David Drake, Sharon Lee & Steve Miller, Tom Kratman, and many more. Plus the complete audiobook serialization of David Weber’s Shadow of Freedom.

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June Baen Ebook Releases

1636: Commander Cantrell in the West Indies
Eric Flint
Charles E. Gannon

Lieutenant-Commander Eddie Cantrell must travel to the Caribbean to secure access to the most valuable commodity on that continent—the oil which up‑time machines and industry need. But when the Spanish finally come out in force to engage his small flotilla, Eddie will discover that they aren’t the only enemies who will be coming for him.

Rescue Mode
Ben Bova
Les Johnson

When a fluke collision with an asteroid hobbles the first manned Mars mission, it's not just the future of space exploration that hangs in the balance—but the lives of the crew, as well.

The Sea of Time
P.C. Hodgell

Kothifir the Great: a land where time shifts. Here Jame arrives to find that Kothifir's gods have lost their power and its proud towers are falling. In order to save the present, she must search the past to save Kothifir—without undoing time itself.

Night Shifters
Sarah A. Hoyt

Draw One in the Dark: She’s hidden her gift/disease for years, wondering if she were even human. Now she has found others like her—shifters waging a secret and terrible war in the shadows of everyday life. Gentleman Takes a Chance: A primeval Shifter feud grows infinitely more deadly, and shapeshifters Kyrie and Tom find themselves warriors in an ancient struggle for Shifter destiny itself!

The Honor of the Queen, Second Edition
David Weber

The Kingdom of Manticore needs allies against the Republic of Haven—and the planet Grayson is strategically situated to make a very good ally indeed. When Grayson’s fratricidal sister planet attacks without warning, Honor Harrington knows she must must stay and prevail.

Warbound: Book III of the Grimnoir Chronicles
Larry Correia

Private eye Jake Sullivan must put together a ragtag crew of airship pirates and Grimnoir knights for a suicide mission to stop a predator from a dark universe from destroying the source of mankind’s magic.

Pirates of the Timestream
Steve White

Jason Thanou of the Temporal Regulatory Authority once again faces down the Teloi and Transhumanist menace in Old Earth’s blood-soaked past. This time with the help of legendary pirate Captain Morgan.

Noah's Boy
Sarah A. Hoyt

A deadly feral shifter is loose in normally quiet Goldport just as dragon shapeshifter Tom Ormson must challenge for the leadership of his clan.

Divide and Rule
L. Sprague de Camp

Two novellas from a Science Fiction Grand Master!
Divide and Rule: Earth has been plunged back into medieval style feudalism by an invading alien force. But one man will dare to stand up and try and topple the alien rulers. The Stolen Dormouse: In the future, corporations rule like feudal families in this science fictional take on Romeo and Juliet.

*This Baen Ebooks subscription bundle will dissolve on May 15, 2014. After that date, these books will be available for individual sale only.*

Infinity Plus Bundle

Parallax View
Keith Brooke
Eric Brown

Stories that examine the interface between human and alien - a parallax view from two of Britain's top science fiction writers, both shortlisted for the 2013 Philip K Dick Award.

Approaching Omega

Eric Brown

The colonisation mission has failed, three of the five colony sleeper hangars have been destroyed... Time to adjust mission parameters. Classic SF from international bestseller Eric Brown.

Blue Shifting

Eric Brown

Take a journey into an extraordinary universe where mankind has become Augmented or Altered, where zebra-men talk with unicorn-women, and where you can break the chains of physics in the cobalt glory of the Nada-continuum.

Meridian Days

Eric Brown

Meridian seemed like the perfect place for Bob Benedict to escape the tragedy of his past but soon it's all he can do just to survive...


Eric Brown

When a young tug pilot's career is ruined by a collision he has no choice but to accept a risky commission to a remote planet.


Eric Brown

The Salvageman Ed series of linked stories - four of which appear here for the first time - combine action, humour and pathos, from the master of character-based adventure science fiction.

Get the Eric Brown Bundle here

Electric Story Bundle

Two collections from one of the most original voices in science fiction, available in a single bundle. Terry Bisson, Hugo and Nebula award winning author, serves up some of the strangest and most engaging stories of our time. Includes Bears Discover Fire and Numbers Don’t Lie.

Get the Terry Bisson Story Collections Bundle today !

Wordfire Press

Advise and Consent
Allen Drury

The Pulitzer Prize winning and New York Times bestselling classic of political fiction. A must-read epic of Washington, DC.

Allen Drury

When the outside gamers try to stop playing, the characters inside the game have to fight for survival, using the Rules to their own advantage.

Mark Coffin, U.S.S.
Allen Drury

The gripping story of a well-meaning politician’s rise and fall (and, perhaps, rise again) by Pulitzer Prize winning legend Allen Drury.

Veiled Alliances
Kevin J. Anderson

The epic prequel to Kevin J. Anderson’s international bestselling space opera, The Saga of Seven Suns.

Sudanna, Sudanna
Brian Herbert

Science fiction on an alien world ruled by a dictatorial computer and the sweeping rebellion that allows the resurgence of forbidden music. By New York Times bestselling coauthor of the new DUNE novels.

Brian Herbert
Bruce Taylor

After an ecological catastrophe, the desperate defenders of one of the last surviving seed banks must stop barbarians from ransacking humanity’s future.

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