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In this issue: A stand for liberty, a mythical city falls, and a new Honor Harrington comic book!
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Take a Stand for Liberty!

In 1781, George Washington loses at Yorktown—and is later executed. The British heel strikes down. Hard. But on the edge of the American frontier a hope and dream for freedom lives on. They call the colony Liberty, and the British intend to crush it as they did the rebellion. But these Americans are seasoned warriors and even under these dire circumstances, Liberty may still find a way!

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Revolt to Save a World—and the Future of Humanity

After the collapse of the galactic web, civilization crumbles. On Bellevue, a computer named Center survives. Center’s task: rebuild galactic civilization. Center’s tool: a young general named Raj Whitehall. Raj has almost accomplished this momentous task, but the half-mad jealousy of his emperor is about to undo all. His only choice: revolt!

Contains the General series novels The Anvil and The Steel.

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Honor Harrington: Coming to a Comic App Near You!

Big things are in store for Honor Harrington. David Weber’s best-selling book series becomes multi-platform entertainment with a comic, mobile game, film and more.

It all kicks off March 5th with the first issue of Tales of Honor, a five-part comic based on Weber’s On Basilisk Station. Click here to download a free preview of the first issue, buy the comic, and watch a video on the adaption process.

And stay tuned for more exiting Honor Harrington media news!

March Contest

Best Bumpersticker in the Orbital Parking Lot

Want to show off your treecat pride? How about just being able to distinguish your Royal Manticoran Navy warship from all the others in the orbital parking lot? The solution: bumper stickers, of course! We want to hear your ideas for RMN bumper sticker slogans. These bumper stickers should be suitable for affixing to your RMN warship. “Do It With Honor” and “I Brake for Treecats” are taken, but anything else is fair game.

For contest details, click here

Don't Touch that Dial: It's the Baen Free Radio Hour!

Fascinating conversations with your favorite Baen writers about the books you love. Interviews with David Weber, Eric Flint, Larry Correia, David Drake, Sharon Lee & Steve Miller, Tom Kratman, and many more. Plus coming soon: audio drama adaptations of your favorite Baen authors!

Listen to the podcast here

Fire with Fire Named Nebula Finalist

Baen Books congratulates Charles E. Gannon on Fire with Fire, a Nebula Award finalist for best science fiction novel. Way to go, Chuck Gannon!

Check out the Baen Free Radio Hour interview with Chuck here and interviews here and here.

March Books

Liberty: 1784
Robert Conroy

When the British win the American Revolutionary War, desperate patriots must make a last stand in the rebel stronghold known as Liberty.

Hope Rearmed
S.M. Stirling
David Drake

(trade paperback)

Raj Whitehall has come close to reuniting the entire planet of Bellevue and has set the planet back on the road leading to the stars. But the half-mad jealousy and fear of Emperor Clerett is about to give Raj no choice but to revolt or face death and the loss of all he has gained for freedom.

The Fall of Atlantis
Marion Zimmer Bradley
(mass market paperback)

A wounded Atlantean prince, a deadly battle between Dark and Light, and aristocratic sisters trapped in a web of deadly sorcery—the same forbidden sorcery that could bring about The Fall of Atlantis. Brings together Web of Light and Web of Darkness in one volume.

Shadow of Freedom
David Weber
(trade paperback)

As the Solarian League collapses, rebellion brews. Success for Honor Harrington’s Star Kingdom against the League has bred dangerous times. While freedom for millions hangs in the balance, one false step could lead to a final disastrous conflagration.

Necessity's Child
Sharon Lee
Steve Miller

(mass market paperback)

The kompani: a culture based in dance and dream. Clan Korval: star traders wealthy in enemies, fortunate in friends. Now the lives of three people intersect—Kezzi, apprentice to the kompani's grandmother; Syl Vor, Clan Korval's youngest warrior; and Rys, a man without a world, or a past. The Liaden Universe® saga continues.

Fire with Fire
Charles E. Gannon
(mass market paperback)

2105: Cryocelled investigative reporter Caine Riordan awakens to a changed world where humanity has achieved faster-than-light travel and is pioneering nearby star systems. Riordan’s mission: travel to a newly settled world and investigate whether a primitive local species was once sentient–enough so to have built a lost civilization. Nebula Finalist.
Baen Appearances
Author Appearance
Ryk Spoor

March 14
Rye Brook, NY

Toni Weisskopf- Editor Guest of Honor

March 21-23
Memphis, TN

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