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An actual wagon train to space?

Gunslinging cowpokes riding in rickety rocketships?

What isn’t possible when you mix science fiction and Westerns?

The final frontier ain’t so final in these 12 tales of space exploration and adventure: each a timeless yarn told around the warm glow of a nuclear reactor just before it goes supernova. There’s a story for everyone who’s ever dreamed of traveling the stars.

From the lone stranger who flies into town to help a widow and her daughter to the alien rancher trying to pose as human, they are familiar, yet with completely new twists. Take the pair of mercenaries who sign on to stop a mining camp insurrection only to discover they might be on the wrong side of the revolution, or the prospector who finds the strike of a lifetime but ends up stranded on a barren moon without hope of rescue. And if that’s not enough to catch your fancy, then how about a cloned Doc Holliday making his way in a future where both sickness and gambling are ancient history?

Assembled inside are the biggest names in science fiction, taking you to the farthest reaches of the galaxy like they’ve never done before. Elizabeth Moon, Alan Dean Foster, Jane Lindskold, and Wil McCarthy are some of the exciting yarn-spinners inside. So get ready to hit the hyper-thrusters as you set course for adventure, mystery, romance, and two-lasergun slinging action!

Featuring Elizabeth Moon, Alan Dean Foster, Jane Lindskold, Wil McCarthy, Gini Koch, Martin Shoemaker, Cat Rambo with J.R. Martin, Alastair Mayer, Alex Shvartsman, Patrick Swenson, and Michael L. Haspil. Edited by David Boop (Straight Outta Tombstone).

Cover Art by Dominic Harman

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This is a work of fiction. All the characters and events portrayed in this book are fictional, and any resemblance to real people or incidents is purely coincidental.

First printing, Look for the final version on November 2, 2021

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Copyright © 2021 by David Boop

Foreword copyright © 2021 by David Boop; “Greenhorn” copyright © 2021 by Elizabeth Moon; “The Penultimate Stand of Pina Gracchi” copyright © 2021 by Michael F. Haspil; “Showdown on Big Rock 27” copyright © 2021 by Gini Koch; “Hydration” copyright © 2021 by Alan Dean Foster; “Winner Takes All” copyright © 2021 by Alex Shvartsman; “Last Stand on Europa Station A” copyright © 2021 by David Boop; “Riders of the Endless Void” copyright © 2021 by Cat Rambo & J. R. Martin; “Seeds” copyright © 2021 by Patrick Swenson; “Riding the Storm Out” copyright © 2021 by Martin L. Shoemaker; “Incident at Raven’s Rift” copyright © 2021 by Alastair Mayer; “Claim Jumped” copyright © 2021 by Jane Lindskold; “Doc Holliday 2.0” copyright © 2021 by Wil McCarthy.

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