Thirteen spellbinding tales of magical masters of wizardry

Tales of magic, illusion, mages, and dark wizards by such talents as Ursula K. LeGuin, Jack Vance, Theodore Sturgeon, Joe Haldeman, and others highlight a collection of fourteen stories about the world of sorcery

“The Bleak Shore” by Fritz Leiber
“O Ugly Bird!” by Manly Wade Wellman
“The Power of the Press” by Richard Kearns
“The Finger” by Naomi Mitchison
“The Word of Unbinding” by Ursula K. Le Guin
“His Coat So Gay” by Sterling E. Lanier
“Narrow Valley” by R. A. Lafferty
“Sleep Well of Nights” by Avram Davidson
“Armaja Das” by Joe Haldeman
“My Boat” by Joanna Russ
“The Hag Seleen” by Theodore Sturgeon and James H. Beard
“The Last Wizard” by Avram Davidson
“The Overworld” by Jack Vance

Cover Art by Ron Miller

This is a work of fiction. All the characters and events portrayed in this book are fictional, and any resemblance to real people or incidents is purely coincidental.

First printing, October 1986

Printed in the United States of America

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