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I'm grateful for the comments and other help I've gotten:

—from my de jure copyeditor and de facto editor, Mark J. McGarry, who, thankfully, hasn't mellowed with age;

—from my de jure and also de facto editor, John Silbersack;

—from the other members of the workshop: Bruce Bethke and Peg Kerr Ihinger;

—from David Dyer-Bennet, Beth Friedman and, particularly, Harry F. Leonard (2LT, Connecticut National Guard, Ret.), who helped with the glossary;

—and for the additional help I've gotten from Mickey Zucker Reichert, M.D., and, of course, Felicia.

Metzada, noun—

1. [Archaic] An ancient rock fortress in the Palestine satrapy of Great Persia, about twenty kilometers south of En Gedi. Scene, circa 72-73 A.D., of the final stand of the Jewish zealots against Rome; the defenders killed themselves rather than surrender.

2. The second planet of Epsilon Indi, inhabited primarily by descendants of Jewish refugees from the state of Israel and the North American Federation. Metzada's only significant commercial export is the sale of the services of the Metzadan Mercenary Corps.

3. [Colloq.] The Metzadan Mercenary Corps.

Nueva Terra, noun—

1. The third planet of Tau Ceti, inhabited primarily by descendants of colonists from La France, Deutschland, Greater Britain, Italia and Afrika Del Sud.

2. [Colloq.] Any particularly earthlike planet upon which unmodified terran flora and fauna can readily flourish, (e.g., "Dean's World is a real nueva terra.")

Regiment Orginization Chart

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