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The End of the Story

Table of Contents

A Note on the Texts
To the Daemon
The Abominations of Yondo
The Ninth Skeleton
The Last Incantation
The End of the Story
The Phantoms of the Fire
A Night in Malnéant
The Resurrection of the Rattlesnake
Thirteen Phantasms
The Venus of Azombeii
The Tale of Satampra Zeiros
The Monster of the Prophecy
The Metamorphosis of the World
The Epiphany of Death
A Murder in the Fourth Dimension
The Devotee of Evil
The Satyr
The Planet of the Dead
The Uncharted Isle
Marooned in Andromeda
The Root of Ampoi
The Necromantic Tale
The Immeasurable Horror
A Voyage To Sfanomoë
Appendix One: Story Notes
Appendix Two: "The Satyr": Alternate Conclusion
Appendix Three: From the Crypts of Memory
Appendix Four: Bibliography
About The Editors

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