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Chicks and Balances

Table of Contents

Dedication and Quote
Introduction by Esther Friesner
A Chick Off the Old Block by Jody Lynn Nye
The Girls from the Hood by Jim C. Hines
Smackdown at Walmart Elizabeth A. Vaughan
The Mammyth by Harry Turtledove
Give a Girl a Sword by Kerrie L. Hughes
Bite Me by Steven Harper Pizik
Dark Pixii by Wen Spencer
A Warrior Looks at 40 by Julie S. Mandala
Roll Model by Esther Friesner
Second Hand Hero by Jean Rabe
Buring Treasure by Alex Shvartsman
Calling the Mom Squad by Sarah A. Hoyt
Rabid Weasels by Robin Wayne Bailey
A Girl's Home Is Her Rent-Controlled Castle by Laura Resnick
. . . And Your Enemies Closer by Lee Martindale
Knot and the Dragon by P.C. Hodgel
The Rules of the Game: A Poker Boy Story by Dean Wesley Smith
Beginner's Luck by Linda L. Donahue
One Touch of Hippolyta by Laura Frankos
Saving Private Slime by Louisa Swann
Unearthing the Undying Armor by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
Fashion and the Snarkmeisters by Kristine Kathryn Rusc
About the Authors
About the Editor

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