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The Sidhe (Shee)


Child of Dannae (Dan'-nay)—
applied to all Sidhe; deathly insult to say one of the Sidhe does not deserve the name
High King Oberon (O'-ber-on)/Queen Titania (Ty-tane'-ee-a)—
rulers all Elves
King Huon (Hugh'-on)/Queen Melusine (Mel'-u-seen)—
rulers of French elves
Hen Ne(Hen-knee)—
man-chicken in Fur Hold
Eigg Oh (Egg Oh)—
head on legs with arms; Humpty Dumpty blurred face in Fur Hold
Kitsune (Kit-su'-ne) Matka (Mat'-kah) Toimisto (Toy-mist'-toe)—
fox-headed man in Fur Hold

Seleighe (see-ly) Sidhe, or Bright Court Elves

Denoriel (Den-o'-ree-el) Siencyn (Sen'-sin) Macreth (Mac-reth') Silverhair (Silver-hair)—
known as Lord Denno Siencyn Adorjan (A-dor'-jan) in the mortal world; Christopher Atwood, name used when he was disguised as wine merchant
Aleneil (A-len'-ee-il) Arwyddion (Ar-with'-ee-on) Ysfael (Iz'-fay-el) Silverhair—
FarSeer, extraordinarily gentle for a Sidhe; Mistress Alana (A-lan'-a) in the mortal world
Kefni (Kef'-nee) Deulwyn (Deul'-in) Siarl (See'-arl) Silverhair—
father of two sets of twins; he was killed trying to rescue Pasgen and Rhoslyn.
Seren (Ser'-en) Teifi (Tee'-fee) Tynewedd (Tin'-weth) Silverhair—
Denoriel and Aleniel's mother; she did not want to live after her lifemate died and faded away when her children became "adult"
Eirianell (Ay-ree'-a-nell)—
Aleneil's eldest teacher, wears Atlantean dress
Rhonwen (Ron'-wen)—
Aleneil's middle teacher, wears Greek dress
Morwen (More'-wen)—
teacher who wears Tudor dress
Ieuan Hywyn (Ee-u'-an He'-en)—
student of mortal history
Mwynwen (Main'-wen)—
Denoriel's current lady friend; she is a dark elf (not in character, but dark skinned, dark eyed, with blue-black hair)
Ceindrych (Seen'-de-rich)—
old, powerful healer
Treowth (Tree'-ow-th)—
a Magus Major who had wanted Denoriel as apprentice. Superb skills and perceptions
Gilfaethwy (Gill-faith'-wee)—
a Magus Major who specializes in Gates
Miralys (Mir-al'-is)—
Denoriel's elvensteed; various colors
Ystwyth (Ist'-with)—
Aleneil's elvensteed; in mortal world she is palomino
Lady Aeron (Air'-on)—
FitzRoy's elvensteed, silver-blue, silver mane

Unseleighe (Un-see-ly) Sidhe, or Dark Court Elves

Rhoslyn (Ros'-lin) Teleri (Tell-ee'-ry) Dagfael (Dag'-file) Silverhair—
FarSeer in the Unseleighe court, creator of the not-horses and all kinds of constructs; in the service of Maria de Salinas (Catherine's maid of honor) she is Mistress Rosamund Scot
Pasgen (Pass'-gen) Peblig (Peb'-leg) Rodrig (Rod'-rig) Silverhair—
a mirror image of Denoriel; in mortal world a human mage, Fagildo Otstargi. In service as advisor to Wolsey he is Sir Peter Kemp
Llanelli (Lah-nell'-ee) Ffridd (Frith) Gwynneth (Gin'-neth) Arian (Ar'-ee-on)—
the mother of Rhoslyn and Pasgen; she followed her twins into Unseleighe territory when they were kidnaped and after their father was killed trying to rescue them, she remained with the Unseleighe. She is utterly devoted but also possessive
Prince Vidal (Vee'-dahl) Dhu (Dew)—
current ruler of the Unseleighe Domain, Caer (Care) Mordwyn (More'-dwin). Thoroughly vicious
Aurilia (Awe-rill'-ee-a) nic Morrigan (More'-rig-an)—
Vidal's lover and supporter
Torgen (Tor'-gen)—
Pasgen's not-horse (clawed paws instead of hooves, tearing fangs, red eyes)
Talog (Ta'-log)—
Rhoslyn's not-horse

The Humans


Henry FitzRoy—
born 1519; earl of Nottingham, duke of Somerset, duke of Richmond; an extremely nice young man, not too clever (and he knows it); he does not want to be king.
Kip Ladbroke—
FitzRoy's groom, devoted and paid off too by Denoriel; first Denoriel's servant
Sandy Dunstan—
FitzRoy's servant, like Ladbroke he first served Denoriel
Reeve Tolliver—
boy from workhouse, now subgroom under Ladbroke
one of FitzRoy's guards
one of FitzRoy's guards
one of FitzRoy's guards
one of FitzRoy's guards
Commissioners at Sheriff Hutton:
Henry Howard, duke of Norfolk (not in residence)
Sir Edward Seymour (also FitzRoy's Master of Horse)
Sir John Forrester
Sir William Fenwicke
Lord Henry Percy
Thomas Cromwell—
Wolsey's aide who takes over from Wolsey after his fall
Richard Croke—
FitzRoy's tutor
John Palsgrave—
FitzRoy's tutor
King Henry VIII
Princess Mary—
born 1516; innocent of malice toward Elizabeth in Book 1; she hates Anne
Margaret Pole—
countess of Salisbury, devoted to Mary
Anne Boleyn—
Born 1507; Henry VIII's second queen. Anne is highly Talented, but she is terrified of it, very sensitive to being called a witch; thus her Talent is totally untrained and makes her emotionally unstable and very vulnerable to mental influence.
Lady Lee—
sister of Thomas Wyatt, Anne's only friend; Aleneil, called Mistress Alana, is her friend/companion.
George Boleyn (later Viscount Rocheford)—
Anne's brother, provides Denoriel's access to court. Friends also known to Denoriel; favorites of the king:
Henry Norris
Thomas Wyatt—
Denoriel likes him; he is intelligent and sensitive, a good poet; however Denoriel thinks he is hot-headed and impractical
Francis Weston
William Brereton
Francis Bryan
Henry Howard—
duke of Norfolk, FitzRoy's warden; deputy to FitzRoy when he was lieutenant of the Northern March: Under him were Henry Percy, duke of Northumberland;
Thomas Fiennes, Lord Dacre (he had gout, his brother Christopher Fiennes was his deputy—
kind of stupid, Denoriel runs rings around him)
Henry Howard (later earl of Surrey)—
son of the duke of Norfolk; childhood playmate of FitzRoy when they both lived under the care of the duke of Norfolk
Mary Howard—
also a childhood playmate of FitzRoy; he married her when he was fifteen or sixteen, she a year or so younger; she outlived him by many years
Princess Elizabeth—
born 7 September 1533; in Book 1 a toddler of two or so; adorable, precocious, the object of Henry FitzRoy's devotion
Lady Margaret Bryan—
Elizabeth's governess, truly fond of the child but unconscious of otherworldly influences
Blanche Parry—
nursery maid (changes diapers and such). Was nursery maid to Anne, known as a witch, called in when strange things began to happen in the nursery. A strong witch but fearful of being burnt hides talent; she recognizes the intrusion of Rhoslyn into the nursery
Christopher Atwood—
Denoriel in disguise
Catherine of Aragon—
Henry VIII's first wife, Mary's mother
Francisco Felipiz—
one of Catherine's Spanish servants
Maria de Salinas—
favorite Maid of Honor to Catherine


Inigo de Mendoza—
imperial ambassador
Paco and Nacho—
the two armsmen who tried to drown FitzRoy
Eustace Chapuys—
Spanish ambassador, Emperor Charles's man
Basilio Carlomagno—
Enrique Porfirio
Martin Perez—
a human mage; servant of Charles V; violent partisan of Catherine


Seleighe (See-ly) Domain—
Bright Court Elves
Unseleighe (Un-see-ly) Domain—
Dark Court Elves, ruled by Vidal Dhu
Caer (Care) Mordwyn (More'-dwin)—
the Domain of Vidal Dhu
Elfhame (Elf'-hame) Logres (Low'-gres)—
home for Denoriel
Elfhame Avalon (Av'-a-lon)—
"capital" of Elfhames; Oberon and Titania's palace; various training centers, including one for Farseers
Academicia (A-cad-a-me'-see-a)—
training place and workplace for the Bright Court mages
Elfhame Csetate (Ses-ta'-te)-Boli—
the elfhame under Hungary
Elfhame Melusine (Mel'-u-seen)—
the main French division of Underhill
Llachar (Lah-har) Lle (Lay) ("radiant place" in Welsh)—
palace in Elfhame Logres
a neutral domain which has unnumbered Gates; it is a dangerous place to remain in because its wild magic alters anything in it; dangerous even to enter because its Gates don't go where they should
Wormegay (Worm-gay) Hold—
this is like a really bad shanty-town slum; drains power from anyone in it; the stronger the power the worse the drain.
Fur Hold—
a delightful place inhabited by human/animal mixtures and almost unimaginable beings (like Eigg Oh); the sky is painted blue; white clouds are painted on it; the sun looks like a sunflower with a face painted on it, the petals wave and sometimes the eyes wink. However the hold is not totally benign; unpleasant things can happen to visitors

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